What can a Technical SEO and Analytics Expert do?

Here are some common briefs I receive:

  1. You are migrating your website and your business needs an SEO expert to partner with your development agency to make sure there are no significant drops in traffic
  2. You need an SEO strategy, that considers all marketing channels which is aligned with the objectives and goals of your business
  3. You do not trust your analytics data and you need an expert to review the setup and make recommendations on what to track
  4. You feel like you are losing ground to your competitors and you would like an expert to review their strategy
  5. You have a large backlog of technical SEO recommendations and need a specialist to prioritise their impact and work directly with your developers to get the fixes implemented
  6. You are getting bogged down producing manual reports every month and you need useful data visulisations that allow you to make meaningful decisions
  7. You need someone to analyse the keywords in your sector to discover which websites are getting the largest share of voice
  8. Your business is spending increasing amounts on paid media and you’d like to remove this dependency by getting a specialist to review the organic search landscape
  9. You are not sure you trust your backlinks and you may have had someone else tell you they are suspicious and you’d like a second opinion
  10. You have a suspicion your users are not converting into customers, and you’d like to see where they are exiting your checkout funnel
  11. You require someone who cares about your business to provide you with fresh insights and ideas

If you need help with any of these things you can hire me today.

What can’t I do?

As a freelancer, my strengths are technical SEO and analytics. If you are looking for campaign content, digital PR, or link building services I have a network of trusted partners I can recommend.

How do I charge clients?

My pricing varies by your requirements and the type of engagement necessary. Typically I charge a fixed fee for an agreed scope of work, alternatively, I also charge using ongoing retainers for an agreed resource allocation.

Why hire me?

  1. I’m results-focused and I enjoy challenging briefs
  2. My technical skills and established processes allow me to deliver work at pace
  3. I’m a natural problem solver, who instinctively spots opportunities for improvement
  4. I’m a good communicator, I’m organised and I’m happy working independently or as part of a wider team
  5. I want to develop a long term working relationship with your business and I want to contribute to its ongoing success

How to get started?

If you fill in my contact form,  with an overview of your brief, requirements, and budget I’ll get back to you within 24hrs.